Here in Anderson SC, you either live in the country where kids can roam free or you live in the not quite country not quite big city. If you and your family live in the latter, there isn’t a lot of options for your little ones.

First up is Chris Taylor Memorial Park by the Anderson Civic Center

Receiving a lowly 3.3 rating on their facebook page, this park is in dire need of a redesign and update. The wood is old, there are usually BEES everywhere, the ducks are very aggressive, no sand in the sandboxes and there are also many reports of used condoms being found in the castle areas!!

I have came across a possible redesign article but cannot find it right now, hopefully they will put more thought into it this time.

Next up is Linley Park on Murray Ave. receiving a slightly better 3.4 on their facebook page. There is a SMALL parking area but mostly it is dangerous road parking where you have to cross oncoming lanes, possibly with a few kids and their lunches, bags, etc in tow.

This is a very small park, with only a jungle gym type climbing slide that has many open fall areas for toddlers to worry about and then some swings. Thats it. Its very apparent they spend the bulk of our money on the baseball side of things. Which is great, but does nothing for my 2 year old or any other kids that arent playing baseball.

Now on to my favorite so far and it was a surprise to go there.

The Williamston springs park, which is supposedly the 2nd oldest in the nation. Awesome if your keeping running numbers on the spring parks in the country and the elusive titles they can have. But I digress, and onto this wonderful park.

Aiden at Williamston Springs Park

With just the right amount of shade, slides, gyms, riding toys etc. This park was the one that we have been to in Anderson that we ALL enjoyed the most! From our 2 year old on up to the adults taking great pictures in a nice backdrop. We spent a good hour here before everyone needed food.

The bathrooms were nice, the parking was plentiful and OFF THE ROAD with no cross traffic to worry about the little ones getting hit. It seemed well kept.

We definitely look forward to making that trip again.

Aiden at Williamston Park

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