For those around Anderson when MySpace™ ruled the “internets” you may have come across SurfAnderson in its original format. A social networking site specifically for Anderson, SC residents. We had a great run from 2009-2011. Bands and the music culture was in full swing. Any given weekend there were 50 or more members of the site meeting up to cheer on and partake of the local music scene. We also raised money for the community, and met up for monthly members only parties. We all wore our usernames on our person in the form of a HI IM: sticker and many friendships were made.

Fast forward to 2018. Tom the perpetual “1st Friend” from MySpace™ is now an accomplished photographer and Facebook rules the social network sites. Tom never deleted accounts or let people block people.

SurfAnderson functioned in much the same way. It was a community of online friends that actually met in the real world very often. Those friendships that I personally made are still in place today. But, we dont see each other near as much. It seems facebook has accommodated our every need so there is no need for real world interaction. Especially with FB Live, videos, comments, groups and everything else they have rolled out. I personally use FB Messenger more than my phone! I hardly ever get personal phone calls and only text 2 or 3 people. The rest is done thru FB Messenger.

Well, here we are, SurfAnderson’s newest format. An online ‘Zine (Magazine shortened). This will be a place to get up to date news, editorials, user submitted stories and content. WE will still have a members system that you can join for FREE! To give that sense of community but it wont be a full blown social network site. Atleast not right now. I want to build up the content. Which lead me to my next offering. We are seeking writers or more specifically “content creators”. The fresher the better! Have an idea for a daily or weekly article? Let us know and we will make it happen! Whether you want to write editorials about anything or how to articles. We can accommodate! As of now there are no financial perks, but later down the road we can have impromptu meetings with our virtual staff and see what we can brainstorm. You will receive all credit and feel free to promote whatever you wish that is legal. Such as your own website (hello free content driven backlinks), or a product you may already sell.

So in closing if you wish to write for this site, simply get in touch with me and we can talk.

-Joey Stubblefield

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